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"I began taking Full Spectrum CBD from Just Enjoy Living as a result of a bicycle accident where I broke 5 ribs and my collar bone.  At the time of the accident, almost 2 years ago, I started using a CBD product that was then available which did help somewhat with pain control.  Then several months ago, Joy introduced me to Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) which she and Justen had produced after months of extensive research.  Their CBD is Full Spectrum (more effective in fighting pain and inflammation) and is considerably more concentrated than other CBD I have used. And it is very economical. " 

"When I walked into the doors and met Joy for the first time I felt at ease and at home. Her background and knowledge of health and wellness is like no one I had ever met.  She knew right from the start how to help my body heal. Along with her husband Justen’s herbal knowledge I was able to get back onto my feet and feeling well again. 
I had been dealing with some Thyroid and adrenal issues and wanted to treat things naturally and in a way that would fix the problem and not just mask it. I was started on one of Justen’s tinctures called Sunshine and noticed a difference within a few weeks. I was less shaky, less anxious and feeling more centered. When some of my symptoms continued including poor sleep, irritability, and and lack of energy I added in Ultra Adapt, another tincture that within a few days had my system calming. I took and continue to take this tinctures to aide in my daily life with stress and adrenal support.   I am thrilled to say that after being on these my thyroid levels improved as well. With stress  and anxiety came some pretty tight and sore muscles especially in my neck. I tried Justen and Joy’s Hemp salve they not only smells amazing but gave me relief of the tightness and soreness I had been experiencing.  I use this salve religiously at night and when I wake the pain is gone. I truly love this stuff. I had tried other brands but did not get the relief or have the great smell that this one does. These tinctures and salves along with Justen and Joys knowledge and support around them have changed my life and I thank them for that!"


"This product works so well I’ve starting using it on my clients. My at home use has also proved this CBD cream works wonders!"

Jaimie L.

Muscle In Motion Massage and Day Spa Inc.

"My husband has had trouble sleeping for the last 2 years and he has slept through the night from the first time using the Just Enjoy Living Salve. He won’t be without it."


"Over the last 2 years I have used multiple herbal products from Just Enjoy Living and have been very satisfied with all of them.  I really recommend that you give Justen and Joy a try.  I know you will be pleased."

-Don T.

“In February of 2018 I was in a car accident that fractured my pelvis in two places. I tried everything to relieve the daily pain. An MRI also revealed I had fibroids in my uterus. This combination left me in daily pain that was making it hard to go about my daily life. I began taking Hemp tincture and salve from Just Enjoy Living and noticed a reduction in pain within days. I also saw my sleep patterns and overall emotional health returning. I am so grateful for the great care they put into their products and am happy to be on the road to healing.” 


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