Herbal Medicine Cabinet for Cold and Flu

  • Why Herbal Medicine?

  • Tips for the Season

  • Supply list for your Herbal Medicine Cabinet

  • Recipes for your Herbal Medicine Cabinet

  • Our Custom Herbal Remedies for this season


Why Herbal Medicine?

1. Humans have been utilizing herbs for as long as we have been eating food

2. Easily obtained with many uses

3. Herbs are efficiently recognized and utilized by our system

Here is an excerpt from the Pharmaceutical Journal supporting herbs and the immune system connection.

"Herbal medicines interacts with gut flora, either by being processed by gut bacteria which convert constituents into active compounds, or through increasing the proportion of beneficial bacteria, which helps modulate the immune system.(www.pharmaceutical-journal.com)"

Tips for keeping immune system strong in cold and flu season

1.) Wash your area and hands (highest level of bacteria is on door handles, microwave, fridge)

2.) Get Adequate rest (your bodies natural immune defense is heightened during rest)

3.) Stay away from sugar ( sugar creates an environment for bacterial /viral growth)

4.) Exercise (flush toxins)

5.) Hydrate- Nettie rinse (flushes toxins, bugs love dry mucous membranes )

6.) Eat healthy- the more colorful the better (no processed foods, lo