Basic natural tips and tricks to prepare for cold and flu season

Basic tips and tricks to be prepared for the Cold and Flu Season

by Joy Williams HN, CMT, CYT, MMT Owner Just Enjoy Living

Being prepared is your best option...

Viruses and bacteria are not all bad, its the over population of a virus or bacterial that can lead to illnesses. Humans naturally have bacteria and viruses all over and in our bodies. Infact, there are more non human cells in our bodies than human cells....  So with that said, lets work with what we have, we are only as strong as we are balanced. If you are one to pour toxic foods and fragrances in and on your body, you will be weakening your resilience to the stronger bugs by weakening the microorganisms that destroy those stronger bugs. If you fortify yourself with naturally colorful nourishing foods and unscented non toxic body and home cleaning care, and control your stress levels you will theoredically have a much stronger constitution to balance the microorganisms naturally.

1.) Lower Your Stress level- stress creates an acidic environment in your system, throws off your hormone balance and increases your chances of becoming ill. Decrease stress by taking adaptogenic herbs like the herbs in Drops of Sunshine, Drops of Peace, and Ultra Adapt, (find these products under the Product page) . Practice meditation or mindfulness daily (follow simple breath work exercise below) Daily oil massage or Abhyanga is wonderful for relaxation and immune system support by stimulating the tissues you are creating a flushing of the lymphatic system, the soothing massage brings a sense of overall calm to the body and mind.

2.) Increase the health of your gut microbiome - feed your gut good bacteria stimulating foods- fermented foods, garlic, kifer, Kimchi. A little imagery to help - Imagine your gut is a fire, if you let that fire get too low it doesn't take much to put it out.  Or in this case, let the bacteria you don't want too much to get out of control because there is nothing to burn it off. Feed your fire with healthy whole food items; not processed, mucus producing, or sugary items.

3.) Exercise- Our natural ability to detox through sweat helps to release toxins in the body and increases good feelings and endorphins as well as supports overall health. If you have access to an infrared sauna that will also be an added bonus to your preparations and has been documented to increase the detoxification of your skin and body, make sure you wash off after.

4.) Wash your hands- I know you know this , but remember your skin is your biggest organ and your first defense of your immune system, what you put on your skin goes right into your body. wash your hands with unscented soap and water !!! (I just listened to a report by Dr. John Bergman that says that it takes 4 minutes to kill flu bacteria on your skin with hand sanitizer, so unless you want to rub your hands for 4 minutes just wash them with good ol’ soap and warm water.)

5.) Increase Water intake!!! - Hydrotherapy ! Support and flush your system regularly with clean water (½ your body weight in ounces daily) , take hot and cold showers or soaks to support circulation and release toxins. Take epsom salt baths to increase healthy mineral uptake, (remember your skin absorbs and minerals are great for lowering stress and relaxation)

Simple Daily Breathing Exercise

Breathing deep helps to bring oxygen into the body and also supports the lower lungs which is where viruses tend to settle, it's like a work out for your lungs.

Take a 4 count inhale, pause 3 count, exhale 4 count do this for a minute or two to start

Abhyanga warm oil massage

Start with your favorite oil

Almond oil, sesame oil, olive oil

add any essential oils to your mix

place under warm water then massage the entire body wrap yourself in a towel and let yourself sweat for about 10 minutes, if you don't have time just jump in the shower and shower off (to clean hair add soap before you get your hair wet to avoid grease head look )

Stroke up towards heart, circular motions around joints, and clockwise on intestinal area.

Natural cleaning solution:

1 spray bottle

½ water

½ vinegar leave a little room for WH

1oz witch hazel

10 drops of Tea tree oil or lavender oil or both

Mix and spray

Daily fortifying Smoothie

½ cucumber

½ Pear or Apple

1-2 celery stalks

4 slices or more fresh ginger

½ juices lime

Hand full of greens like beet greens and spinach

Water to mix

I use a hand blender for better mixing

DIY Sauerkraut- there are many online easy recipes, if you would like ours send me a message

Be well my friends,

Joy Williams

Your next question may be, how can I support my system naturally if I get the cold or flu?? Look for my next blog coming out soon that will address that very question.

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