Life in the fast lane...

Wake up at 5 am try not to hit that alarm again, get dressed and get downstairs to greet the morning ...pack lunches, feed the chickens and the kids and don't forget to feed yourself, rush off to drop offs school and then teach a class and drive an hour to work ...all by 9am. Deep breath...Then work until 5 or 6 , pick up kids, pick up groceries, drive home an hour to make dinner maybe by 7 or 8. Fall on the couch and hope there is something on the TV to help you let go of the day, and hopefully move into a peaceful evening too tired for playing or seeing friends...!!!

Does this sound familiar ? This was my life for the last many years, and this is the world we live in today, fast paced and hectic and not conducive to a true healthy lifestyle. What results is what I see in my practice as a holistic nutritionist and manual therapist; pain and displeasure with life, anxiety and depression, and numerous health issues.

How can I move past this, I asked myself, how can I create a more authentic and fulfilling life? So I decided with my husband that enough is enough, after years of impending health issues like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, we decided to give up the fast pace and focus on life on our family on our health and well-being. We decided to focus on healing not only ourselves but creating herbal and mindful practices for our community and for you full time, bringing Just Enjoy Living into the world is our new passion and our new drive. Why did I leave a thriving practice? One word ...STRESS... too much, and too little of the good stuff.

Lets talk about how to go about finding your zen and getting your body and mind into a place of peace. The next blog I will go into what herbs we like to use for stress and what is an adaptogen anyway... Welcome to the new way of well -be.. ing and welcome on my journey to better health. Love and Peace my friends - Joy Williams Just Enjoy Living Owner

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