Meet Justen and Joy

Just Enjoy Living is a family-owned and operated company. The Creators, Justen and Joy, formulate herbal remedies and teach natural health seminars together in Colorado. Justen is a practicing herbalist and Joy is a holistic nutritionist and ayurvedic practitioner. Together with their family they create wonderful, clean, farm-direct and non-toxic remedies to support your highest health potential.

"Our products were created with your health in mind. Nature has a never ending source of healing plants for us to utilize and heal."


The Herbalist

   Justen Williams is trained in Herbal Medicine and formulation. Through many years of study and hands on methods he has developed proficient and effective extraction and cultivation methods. To gain knowledge and expertise he has also studied and worked in the hemp industry from farm to extraction. He has formulated for Manitou Wellness Center for Alternative Health, as well as other practitioners and clients for many years.

Justen has taught classes with his wife Joy on natural herbal healing methods and formulations. Justen creates his formulations with very high standards, using only the finest organic ingredients and extraction methods, proven from hundreds of years of herbalists studying the effects of these methods on the human body. Justen is a master at his craft even though he believes no one is truly ever a master because there is always something to learn from plants. Justen enjoys being in nature, raising his children, loving his wife and enjoying life to its fullest. He believes that herbal remedies will be increasingly important in our present world and future generations. 


Holistic Nutritionalist 

   With countless hours in practice since year 2000, Joy has been trained by some of the top Alternative Medicine Practitioners in the country. Meditation, Ayurveda, Anatomy, Functional Alternative Health, Holistic Nutrition, Manuel Therapies, and Yoga are all among the many trades Joy has incorporated into her practice.

Over the last 20 years, Joy has taught classes in; Creating Happiness, Connection Classes, Meditation, Couples Yoga, Yoga Teacher Trainings (in London England and Colorado), and together with her husband Justen, has taught many D.I.Y. Natural Remedy Seminars.

Joy loves to spend time adventuring around Colorado, homesteading, dancing, practicing yoga and meditation while also having a deep love for her family, community, and the natural world.

Peace to you friends, may you experience your highest form of Health and Happiness in this lifetime. -Joy Williams


Justen and Joy
Justen Picking Natures Herbs
Little One In Training
Canning Herbs