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Justen and Joy Williams, a herbalist and holistic heath practitioner own an herbal apothecary, wellness practice, and cottage food bakery.  


They also teach natural wellness and homestead classes, serve  gluten-free and old fashioned wild fermented breads to farmers markets and festivals in Colorado. 

Joy perfected the art of gluten-free baking when Justen, her husband, found out he was gluten intolerant. But who doesn't love bread?! Joy wanted to make a product that actually tasted good, that her husband and children would eat, and was more economical with better quality for their family than buying from the store.


Their family has been baking and homesteading for many years; they have infused the old style of fermentation into their baking which is lacking in most of our diets and needed for a healthy gut and immune system. 

They draw from their experience in herbal formulations, natural living, and old fashioned baking to create the most delightful organic healthy products. 


They are a family business working on the foundation of health and well-being to encourage vibrant lives, in their community and in our world. 

Must contact for ordering details. Products made to order. 

* Available only for local delivery or pick up. 

Please reach out with any questions. We would be happy to help.*


Mountain Man Sandwich Loaf

Country Almond Loaf

Country Milet Loaf

Challah: Savory,Spiced Raisin, Lavender Lemon, Salted Savory, Plain

Country Maple Oats loaf                  

Pizza Crust 12" Savory and Plain

Custom Breads

Savory panini, butter sliders , brioche rolls, pesto twist, Cinnamon Rolls 

Pies - Pumpkin and  Dutch Apple with almond crust 

Muffins- Savory Green chili/ cheddar, Gingerbread, blueberry, cacao latte, carrot cake farmers, cacao raspberry filled, pumpkin spice, egg nog 

*Made to Order 

*Dietary restrictions gladly accepted



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