Healthy Loaf of Bread

Gluten Free Bakery

Justen and Joy Williams rooted from a cottage style bakery with little more than 4 mixing bowls, a few pounds of flour and a strong passion for baking gluten free  goods that led them into now being a wholesale bakery. 

Joy perfected the art of gluten-free baking when Justen, her husband, found out he was gluten intolerant. A main focus for Joy was that she wanted to make a product that actually tasted good, that her husband and children would eat. 

Their family has been baking and homesteading for many years; they have infused the old style of fermentation into their baking which is lacking in most of our diets and needed for a healthy gut and immune system. 

They draw from their experience in herbal formulations, natural living, and old fashioned baking to create the most delightful organic healthy products.

They are a family business working on the foundation of health and well-being to encourage vibrant lives, in their community and in our world. 

Must contact for ordering details. Products made to order. 

* Available only for local delivery or pick up wholesale order. 

Please reach out with any questions. We would be happy to help.*


Mountain Man Sandwich Loaf

Country Almond Loaf

Country Milet Loaf

Challah: Savory,Spiced Raisin, Lavender Lemon, Salted Savory, Plain

Country Maple Oats loaf                  

Pizza Crust 12" Savory and Plain

Custom Breads

Savory panini, butter sliders , brioche rolls, pesto twist, Cinnamon Rolls 

Pies - Pumpkin and  Dutch Apple with almond crust 

Muffins- Savory Green chili/ cheddar, Gingerbread, blueberry, cacao latte, carrot cake farmers, cacao raspberry filled, pumpkin spice, egg nog 

*Made to Order 

*Dietary restrictions gladly accepted